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Established in 2001, Automation Design has grown into a team of design professionals with a wide variety of knowledge and collaborative problem-solving ability.  Our capabilities lie on both the design and production side of manufacturing.
Automation Design is a strategic partner to help you with all your needs in regards to CAD work, mechanical design, and more.  Our primary function is to help you fill the gaps in your resources due to issues such as employee turnover, product life cycle, or production increases.  As we get to know our partners,  they get to know us and our capabilities. This often leads to them finding more areas to utilize our expertise. 
We really enjoy seeing things made and with over 50 years combined experience in the manufacturing and engineering space, we have the expertise to help you with whatever your challenges are.

Here is what Automation Design can offer your organization.

Control - You control the faucet.  We are an on-demand service that allows you to maintain the proper balance of resources for your projects.

Precision - We hold ourselves to the highest standard which means your plans work.  Our engineer approved plans get the job done.

Speed - We are good at what we do.  This means plans and designs are delivered on time.

Adaptability - Knowing your environment is of utmost importance to ensure created plans function in your environment.

Range - A wide variety of design platforms lets us match plan output to your work environment. Take a look at our varied services and learn how we can impact your business.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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