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Accurate results require precise instructions and knowledge of the environment they will be used in.  We understand these concepts better which allows us to be a stronger partner for all your mechanical design needs. We started in the HVAC industrial manufacturing world but have expanded into many other industries.  

Look to us for all your 2D technical drafting and 3D modeling needs. Leveraging the latest in Autodesk, Solidworks, and PTC® software, we are able to deliver designs tailored to your needs.   We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our work and the speed at which we get things done.

Automation Design will deliver high quality, PE Certified, designs for any type of Material Handling Device.  Our meticulous methodology and close business partnership with you allows you to have confidence in the product we deliver.

Leveraging our years of experience and strong design foundation, Automation Design will create or modify your existing facility floor plans. Whether you are planning for an expansion or optimizing an existing space, we can assist you.

We support both individuals and organizations as they develop new products to bring to market.  Automation Design can be an end-to-end partner in all phases of a products life-cycle, or involved at any point.  There is no right path for all products.

Digital designs in uniform formats is vital to the efficiency of your organization.  If you are building a product catalog or need to convert hard copy drawings into usable tools, we can accomplish it accurately and quickly.  

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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